Frank Kavelin: For When One Genre Is Not Nearly Enough . . .

…and now you can download a single from Frank’s album for free!

Listen to what others are saying about Frank Kavelin!

“Frank who?” – Too many people
“Royalties? Really?” – Frank’s wife, Barbara
“I thought he retired . . .” – Former clients
“I sold him his first saxophone!” – Rocky Mangananzo
“How much longer do you plan to throw money at this guy?” – Bernie Seidman, CPA, Lute Records


Growing up in a musical household, many varied musical styles and influences fell on the ears of young Frank Kavelin.  As an adult, Frank’s career as a composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor and producer gave him opportunities to express himself in any number of these varied styles and influences.

An endless curiosity regarding the art and science of recorded music added a further avenue of expression that acts as the vehicle for Frank’s varied music.  The ultimate DIY-er, Frank’s album is a one-man show, from its creation to its performance to its digital recording.

For a limited time, Lute Records would like to make a gift to you of one of Frank Kavelin’s singles from his debut album!

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